Really Basic HTML Page with Simple-Tooled Imagery and Very Lame Quips for Grins.

What's up with that foreboding feeling after "three strange things occur at once" ? Don't Panic !

We've all heard the saying; " It Always Happens In Threes. " ... Well, I hate sayings.

Even so... Why 'is it' we still hafta use "sayings", though?

- - - - -

Alright, now... now just RELAX !!!

You've just eaten a whole bowl of wheat germ with soy milk and a few tablets of saccharin.

Chill out. No worries. Just go with yer buzz. It's just an illusion... ALL an illusion !!!

This is my freebie web-page via the neocities dot org host-site. Thanks, neocities. Cool.

Will add more stuff on this particular page from time to time. Eh, It's funny.

There is nothing of real importance here. Maybe it's just useless nonsense to cut the boredom at times.

My 'pages' are meant for Fam and Friends as well as ANY Cool Neo-Folks interested.

Oh "Yeah", there's more. A lot more.

Don Martin's theory works just as well today as it did back then.

The image above is on top of my TV (and around my home) as a reminder to "Try Harder". Kinda works...

*** This Web Page is Intended for My Family, Friends and Friends of Family Members. ***

I hope this page is read as a Whole, but it's kind of unorganized. I'll be working on it.

*** It's mostly just Sophomoric Useless Nonsense. Just For Grins and Fun. Personal. ***

All the stuff I put here is just for entertainment, folks... if you could call it that ! ACK !!!

I'm not into the Facebook Thing or swapping those Pre-Made 'memes'. Those don't seem right to me.

I've been drawing single panel comics since I was a kid. The comp makes it "a different way", I guess.

* PLEASE NOTE : " Single Page "

- - - When I add any new stuff it's "Here-And-There", but there is a method to it. - - -

( If you don't know, you can scroll your cursor over most images here to see special messages. )

Huh. Ahem...

. A very few select words either by mouth or emailed from family members and/or friends :

. . . . .

* A comment from a relative about this page made me re-look, and I agree:

. . . . .

. YUP... this page does kinda read like an old "Mad Magazine". Smells it, too. Hey, work's for me.

. . . . .

* Another comment from a relative about this page:

"Yeah, Kenny. It's pretty GOOFY, alright."

. . . . .

. Yup... THAT it IS !!!

. . . . .

* A comment from a friend:

"Twisted doofus! It's a little too wordy, man... but I get it!"

. . . . .

. That's the set-up to the punch, dill-weed! I'll send you the images, jerky! ArG!

. . . . .

* Yet another comment from a relative about this page:

"What the hell IS this garbage, Kenny?"

. . . . .

. Exactly !!!

. . . . .

* A request from an old friend:

"Put those things you used to do of old joke punchlines on there, man. I got some of your old drawings. Funny!"

. . . . .

. Oh, boy... those. Dude, I'll do some. Gonna be PG rated and not drawn ones, though.

Send me those you have. They gotta be in one of my old spiral notebooks. Now, you got me laughing, ya stupid!

I'll put 'em here or email (the r-rated extras) and you can do that Facebook Thing with 'em if ya want.

Well, that juvenile stuff MIGHT WORK on this page and perhaps look kinda like this, sometime... (oh, boy):

or like this one...

or maybe this one...

Argh! I like the ones I'd drawn way back then, better! Wait... oh, boy. NO.

Do ANY of you neo-folks understand the 'above'? Ever seen the un-edited Loony Toons?

Hmm... If you get the idea, your imagination already sees them. Big " Hmm "... though (?).

. . . . .

Well, ENOUGH of that stuff... let's move on to THIS GARBAGE FREEBIE PAGE. Geesh !!!

Zoom In...

Well, better Pac-Man than those Space Invaders. We'd probably never see them coming, would we ?

Yeah, it might be cool to think some actual UFO lands publicly with greetings of peace.

Would it... really ?

Consider our old Voyager probes, SETI and others containing keen specs and info of Earth with messages.

If our messages were to be observed by "aliens", it would probably look like their Christmas List.

Or more than likely... their Grocery List !!!

( - - - insert Twilight Zone theme here - - - )

"Say thar, I seen 'em a-leens. Some looks like 'em Big-feets. Y'all makin' fun at me ...hurn ? "

... Hey, it's cool. I believe ya, man. Ever hear of no-see-ums? They're real "aliens", too.

go ahead, " Look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls !!! "

. Naw, man. They're real. Different kinds, too. Might be... COOTIES !!! AaRrgh !

No, no... Hell, just "bacteria" and "viruses" ARE really alien.

Why is it that those who claim "Alien Abduction" live in the boonies?


I've lived in the boonies all my life and never seen... wait a sec. ...Huh. Hmm...

Um, no... NO...

No, I've never seen anything.

*** Am trying to re-organize this page. Newer Stuff is REALLY scattered throughout. ***

If we all had more time, right? It's kinda hard to focus when... umm...

Hey... Stop that... what...

WHOA No, NO !!! Easy... EASY !!! Relax !!! Slow DOWN !!! No running near the POOL !!!

Steve's fine. Hey uh, Steve? Yeah... yeah, he's fine.

" I say, I Think I Got Into Some BAD Corn ! ...Doo-Daa, DOOO-DAAA !!! "

is that a question or a statement?

- Yeah, I Know. This page may be "Corny". I'll get bored and it's kinda spare-time stuff. -

* When I think about the past, it brings back old memories.

* A Priest, Rabbi, and a Horse walk into a bar. The bartender asks; " Where's The Duck? ".

* I made an app awhile back that if you stick your device at the window, it gives you the current weather.

Very Simple... example: " Overcast. 78 degrees ". Easy, huh?

* Oh, the Weather? It felt so good out, I just left it out.

- - - You DO get the idea, Right? Sure ya do... It's TRASH !!! - - -

Shut-Up, you... stupid Scrappy.

My junk drawer gets full and I just put it here before throwing it out! It's "eh?" stuff, ya know?

Just a Very small variety of General Stuff & Etc. No need to go into particulars here. You get it.

Simple Imagery: Animated or Still. Some re-touched, Some from scratch, Some requested and Some fan stuff.

Basic HTML: NO links here for off-site junk nor any use of java or "whatever". You know; "Easy Page".

SINGLE PAGE: You follow. There is nothing to buy, sell or promote HERE... apart from well, the boredom.

Yup, everything here really "IS WHAT IT IS"... no matter how it's dressed up.

Sorry, no ChinPoKoMon here. Wait... (grunt)... NOW there IS something.

It's a sinker, not a floater. No, NOT the fish. It's way down lower on the page.

That three-coiler stuff "is what it is", too... but just smells different.

Yeah, that kinda stuff does have a "fishy-funk" to it.

( $800 for our old Levi's ? "Red-Thread"? What the heck was up with THAT ? )

*** This Page IS Intended for My Family, Friends and Friends of Family Members. ***

"Family, Friends and Friends of Family Members." Say THAT 3 times fast !!!

This web-page IS just a personal-freebie-deal like all the others via the neocities org site.

So, I guess anybody "out there" can see this page. Well, you too might get a few grins!

There may be some things here for various age groups in your family. PG Rated Stuff.

If you don't understand something on this page, just ask a relative (or look it up).

Thanks for lookin' at my "Goofy Page", folks. Cool. Hope ya don't hurl, though! I do. ArG!

- - - Names and Images here are COMPLETELY out of Respect and/or Consideration - - -

Thanks, "I"-gor. I'm always lookin' for that. My brain IS gettin' harder to find.

. . . Hold on a few, yeah?

. . . Alright, let's just see:

- - - CLICK - - -

Turn the channel.


. . . . .

Ugh, these two again. I don't go that way. Sonic is over 30 miles and it can stay there !

. . . . .

Make a Difference! May Kaduty ... TODAY !!!

. . . . .

And yet, ANOTHER annoying one. Geesh... pee break.

. . . . .

Oh, Go Bite YOUR Pillow ! LEAVE US ALONE, ya KOOK !!!

This guy is making " even newer commercials " for biting his freakin' pillow.

He's skipping around his garden singing "Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips" and giggling to his bank!

Do ANY of you actually 'buy' this thing? It's just a pillow, isn't it?

Wait a sec... ? Why does this guy remind me of Ron Popeil? Now, I did like those old commercials!

. . . . .

Hey... You-you, "Name-Caller", YOU !

oh... shut-up, stupid. NEXT !!!

. . . . .

Here we go again. 4 minutes of sadness. What do these people actually do? How are they paid?

Look on your Dog/Cat Food Ingredients and wonder what the term "Ash" REALLY means.

Feeling " Charitable " ? Human Beings who live NEAR YOU could do with some food.

. . . . .

*** OK, now for the Real-Fake or Fake-Real "News" ...

Just one we all remember. What's really funnier was that Other news & radio aired it jokingly.

Things like that are NOT "bloopers", folks! Just "read from the prompter", right? duh...

"Real News"... ACK, Pt-Oooie !!!

the news: keepin' us stupid and scared, just like they think we are. i honestly don't get it.

i 'really' don't get it and don't think i care to. 'news' isn't just depressing... it's disgusting.

all our "news" comes off WAY TOO scripted, acted, edited and oddly repetetive. HARUMPH...

. . . . .

Hey, Whatever happened to that taliban, ebola, al qaeda, cholera stuff that were supposed to be so scary?

. . . . .

Huh... it really doesn't matter Either Way :

" Take Your Achy Knee " or actually " Do Something ". No Point.

. . . . .

Who's really afraid ?

A good saying, too.

. . . DOH!!! Hey, chill...

A-Holes and Opinions. And ... Save The Lecture.

. . . eh, for pete's sake...

Edward Norton's "Jack Narrator" Agrees, TOO !!!

a little soap and water and... GET ON WITH IT !!!

- - - Greetings Mr. & Mrs. America and to All our Ships at Sea... FLASH !!! - - -

( - - - JUST Classic TV, Movies and Etc STUFF - - - )

- - - " Swingin The Alphabet " scene with the Stooges - - -

Aw, just type in "Curly's a Dope" on YouTube.

- - - Jeff's Collie : Lassie - - -

Before Which Captain of the Enterprise was better, there's a Forgotten Debate: "Jeff or Timmy".

Roddy McDowall has an opinion ;

" Jeff was better. Timmy was a brat. But, I was the best. "

Cornelius... ???

episode # 101

- - - PLAN OF APE - - -

episode # 102 ( extended edition )

- - - One Flew - - -

episode # 103 ( warning: tobacco implied )

- - - Jaw - - -

lost episode # 001

- - - Malt Falc - - -

a special behind the scenes of :

- - - Casabla - - -


- - - BLADE RUN - - -

- - - CLOSE 3RD - - -

- - - THX - - -

- - - DR. S or HOW? - - -

- - - BLUE BROS - - -

- - - BACK FUTURE - - -

- - - 'FELLAS - - -

- - - ESCAPE - - -

- - - BLAZING - - -

- - - YOUNG FRANK - - -

- - - EARTH STOOD - - -

- - - WAR WORLD - - -

- - - MONT PYTH AND - - -

et al

The Blob would've really stunk up the place. Maybe that hippie-band that played the theme song, too.

Sometimes I can't get that stinking beatnik Blob Theme Song outa my head. Look it up... if you dare.

Everybody's zipper has gotten stuck. Be careful who you ask for help! There could be repercussions!

Apart from some misspelling of names, I just might watch that.

Puckered, Pursed, then finally flat-out Bricked... a VERY LONG time ago !!!

We get it. We got it. ...So PLEASE, take IT and ALL the other shows like it BACK.

Like that old joke dorky retort: " Ha-ha, very funny. I get it, take it back. "

I said "funny", not "phony". No, they are not that. It's a matter of perspective.

We know these kind of shows are just "entertainment" and they are (or can be) simply that.

I used to watch this show and others until they kinda turned... well, "overly" too much. (?)

I'm not just " pickin " on THIS single show.

( Hey, "they" made-up that term. A 'picker' means something else. )

These kind of (reality?) shows are all over. TOO many to list or remember. Some come and go like gnats.

( "Gnats"? No, you all have attention spans greater than gnats. )

Is there a joke here? If so... Is it on Them or, um... YOU ?

This Season : Hissy-Fit Island

" Which One Throws The Biggest Tantrum For Cash ? "

Oh, settle down. Just leave people alone and change the channel.

- - - Why Do Odd "Mix-Ups" Like THIS Kind Seem To Happen ? - - -

. . . Lance Kerwin

Chris Makepeace . . .

. . . Lance Guest

Christopher Guest . . .

( and for some reason... )

. . . Ike Eisenmann

I can only assume reoccurring discussions like this and more pop up in other households.

It's kind of like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", but way worse!

Then it morphs into a twisted "Who's On First?" routine:

"That kid in the show with, uh..." - "No, that's Mason Reese." - "Galactica 1980?" - "It's Ike Eisman."

It's just that they (above) and others have similar names and/or roles.

. . . . .

Unlike those mistaken with similar looks, like these few:

Keira Knightley -and- Natalie Portman

Tilda Swinton -and- Cate Blanchett

Willem DaFoe -and- Stephen McHattie

Mila Kunis -and- Meg Griffin

Channing Tatum -and- Jonah Hill

Sarah Jessica Parker -and- Mr. Ed

But, that's yet another mistaken identity name-game topic.

A Long Time Ago . . .

between the mid 70's and early 80's . . .

- - - Battle of the Network Stars - - -

Was this show the beginnings of the Reality TV genre? Sure! WHY NOT???

This was good For It's Time. It was different and original. Any remakes are scripted and awful.

Howard Cosell hosted TV's Heroes, Beauties, Comedians and SweetHearts going Toe-To-Toe.

Actors from The Big 3 networks broke character to compete in various challenges.

You could tell they were mostly just having fun, but they were kickin' butt as athletes!

Some would get hurt and still go on. Some got so competetive that fights almost broke out.

* Back then you could imagine Valerie Bertinelli punching Kristy McNichol in the FACE !

* Now, you can actually see Val as a food show host punching her OWN face... WITH CAKE !

- - - Little House on the Prairie - - -

There were so many issues in Walnut Grove. Geesh, the HORSES even cried on Little House !

Let's see that again in Slo-Mo, Half-Pint.

Take THAT, Nellie !!!

Ah, The GREAT Midwest. Where's Sleepy-Eye ? Just Ask "Joel" and the Crew next... They All Know.

- - - hint - - -

- - - Mystery Science Theater 3000 - - -

. . .

. . .

- - - Mystery Science Theater 3000 - - -

I'm no "Mistie", I'm just a "Mister". I've not seen every single episode nor the extras.

I just dig the show and catch the references. Good stuff... ( the classic 10 seasons ).

Would riff at SciFi/Horror movies and more WAY before the show came out. Still do. Doesn't everybody?

MST3K is just; "My Kind of Humor".

* wait... is that urine in the i.v. bag? gack!

* * * Are Autographs or ANY KIND of Paper Item worth collecting anymore? * * *

. . . . . . . . .

YES: If it really means something to you.

NO: If you want any monetary gain from it.

If you're still a purist and want that $2,500 paper item that's been certfied and authenticated by who-ever, buy it.

If you own a paper item you believe to be worth selling, pay a who-ever $??? to authenticate it and have fun.

"Good Luck" whatever you decide !

- - - The Re-Tweeked Versions of The Original Star Trek Series - - -


The new versions are pretty cool. Haven't watched them in years. Did I see an easter egg? Naw...

Opie Taylor... looks on. Gentle Ben... wonders. Roger Smith... does a spit-take.

oh, boy... AGAIN ??? Dammit, Roger !!! You're gonna hurt yourself !!! SLOW DOWN !!!

A Trekker asked a Trekkie; "Why no toilets on the ship? Har-har!". The Trekkie whipped out a blueprint.

Is this a "Pair O' Docs" ??? AaRrgh... ugh. Sorry. That one hurt me, too.

. . . . . . . . .

Cockney Accent; "Dock-Tuh, Duck-Tah... DOKE-TAW !!! "

Negotiations between Daleks and Cybermen can get pretty heated.

" Member Berries " . . . Ya Gotta Love 'Em ! Eat Up ! More... MORE !!! TOO MANY !!!


I found the image above awhile back. Pretty cool.

I can't figure out who that one kid is in there, but he looks like me! Funny!

For some reason, i feal like I have to 'buy into' something. Huh...

Uh, oh... room's spinnin'... whoa. Umm...

NOPE. Doesn't work. Huh. Wonder why that doesn't work on me?


From a "Token Movie Poster" - TO - a "Broken Roller Coaster".

Or a "Wanted Movie Poster" - TO - a "Haunted Roller Coaster" ?

Or a "Desired Movie Poster" - TO - a "Retired Doodie Boaster" ?

Or a "High Dollar Print" - TO - a "Why Bother Stint" ?

No point whipping a dead horse. Somebody's laughing all the way to the bank.

Way to go, George. Walt's always gonna roll in his grave anyway. Oy Vey.

ya see, "nerf" was a toy foam-rubber ball back then and... eh, you get it.

STILL goin' there? Man, he IS determined. GO HOME, Stewie ! You little BRAT !

Huh. Gee, an old Coke ad.

- - - - -

There are NO wrong answers.

- - - - -

Bummer. I'll bet they're gonna start selling DVDs and... Oh !!! Yup !!!

That's a BAD ! A Very BAD ROBOT !!!

Ever read (or watched the versions of) Crichton's The Andromeda Strain ?

- - - No Need For That Spoon Anymore, Kids !!! - - -

Now, only $1.00 a pound ! Available at particular convenience stores only !

Elizabeth Banks

( audience applause )

- - - Hiya, Liz! How ya doi...

- - - Please, don't call me Liz.

- - - Ok, Beth. Whatcha workin'...

- - - No, don't call me Beth either.

- - - You are Very Funny! And Bee-YOU-ti-full.

- - - Shuh-Up, ya... Stew-pud!

- - - Heh-heh... So, how do you like the Web-Page?

- - - Wha... Web-Page? It's Junk. Just total Garbage.

- - - EXACTLY! That is Just what it is!

( audience laughter )

- - - It's kinda funny, but what I really don't get is...

" Well, I get it !!! "

( audience applause )

- - - My Co-Host; the Clone of Andy Kaufman.

- - - I'm not a "clone". I'm really Andy Kaufman.

- - - We've been through this. Why are you so young?

- - - It has to do with the Reverse Cryogenics.

( audience laughter )

- - - What is going on here?

- - - Nevermind. Now, it's time for...

- - - NO! I've got something to say!

- - - Not again, Andy. I'm callin' Zmuda and...

- - - I'm coming for YOU, "Mr. Daniel Tosh" !

( audience laughs loudly )

- - - Will someone tell me what in the...?

- - - Be ready, Tosh! Anytime... Anywhere!

- - - GAH! I'm getting the hell outa here!

( Beth stomps off --- audience laughs )

- - - Wait, Beth! We didn't get to talk about...

- - - No, that's it! Enough is enough! I'M GOIN' FOR HIM !!!

( Andy bolts out --- audience laughs )

- - - Yeah, Bob? He took off again. Get Clifton down here, would ya?

Andrew Dice Clay

- - - Hope he does his version of "The Aristocrats".

Jason Statham

- - - He, uh... looks kinda busy. Is he okay?

Kenny's Ex-Girlfriend: CARLEY

( audience whoops )

- - - Wha... Who... NO WAY! That's YEARS ago! Weird chick stalked me all over school!

Kenny's Ex: Carley in a Dreamy Close-Up

( audience coos and "aawwwww"s )

- - - See, she's got Crazy-Eyes! My girlfriend beat her up in the Mickey-D's parking lot back then!

- - - Ok, knock it off. Where'd you get that picture, anyway? Hey? What are you... oh, no...

*** WE FOUND HER... !!!

( the clifton band plays the foreboding sting: "DUHN-duhn, DAAAAAAAAHN!" )

Kenny's Ex: Carley (aka: "CHARLEY") Today

( audience groans loudly )

- - - Spit and Shine-O-La!!! Damn, that's scary! That's a NO!!! You are FIRED, Tony!!!

- - - I gave dat broad a smoke, 5 bucks and yer number ta take dat picture! You owe ME!!!

( Kenny heaves --- Andy runs back --- audience laughs )

- - - I'M BACK! Forgot my Neck-Brace. Hey, that's Carley! Want some clam chowder? Later!!!

( Kenny hurls violently --- Andy hoofs it --- audience laughs loudly )

You saw, ummm... What !?! Please See Next...

- - - KenCo Publishing Inc Presents - - -

This 2 page book idea may have sealed the fate for all those "Self-Help" Fads awhile back.

Or maybe these posters I put up... I mean, " that I saw " ... nixed those over-the-top fads:

Don Martin's version of the Mona Lisa.

Some say the Mona Lisa and other works by "Leo the Prankster" were self portraits.

What'll they say next? That the Shroud of Turin was a DaVinci prank? Huh? Oh... Really?

Well, I'm not touchin' that one with a 500 year old paintbrush on a 700 year old cloth... NEXT !!!

NO !!! Get AWAY from me !!! Weirdo !

Where in the heck did HE come from ?

This act is known by many names throughout history.

It just depends on where you live, but every name for it... is an understood impulsive thing.

Various Names of this Act:

1.) The Mummy.

2.) The Dummy.

3.) The TP Wrap.

4.) The TP Run.

5.) TP Racing.

More hilarious results occur when it is raining.

Got any glue? Duct Tape? Whatta Bummer. Is that, uh... "Major Bummer"? AaRrgh...

Above via Roy G. Biv.

These were used before the Great Solar Flares of 2020-22. Humanity evolved from such things.

These and hand-held devices like it were offered and used as a type of distraction and as obedience.

Ah, the ocean-glare... right on time. Panels, please. I have more slides to present.

* * * Sir Tony Clifton during talks at the New Atlantic-Coastal Cleveland Ohio Re-Library circa 2042.


What... "Solar Flares" ??? Bring back the term "Sun-Spots" too, while you're at it.

I saw this image above awhile back. Great retro effect. Clever Whoever! Very Funny !

Everybody had the idea as a kid; "Phone-O-Vision with Portable Wristwatch Version". That came to pass.

Still waiting for the "Flying Cars", though !!!

hell, by 2042 the population will hit nearly 15 billion... even if another "new virus" intervenes.

just check the world almanac and decide for yourself. alotta info in there.

is this where i say something about our "soylent green" just being soy and algae protein? naw... it's people.

wrong movie, chuck... but i think we get it. we're all on the same page, man. it's cool. no worries.

you're right. if the truth was out that the earth is moving faster off it's axis, panic would kill us all.

i mean, the poles are so far off their original marks that... ummm...

...oops, umm... nevermind that, uh... look over there!

see it? look at the silly monkey! ...where? it's uh, over there... (ahem)

- - - ^^^ Baby-Boomers and X-Gens Today??? WHAT?!? ^^^ - - -

WRONG. It all "Depends"... Har-har. Aw, C'mon... take a joke, ya grumpy.

Gotta respect your elders and others. I make fun of myself daily. No, hourly. Gimmie a minute.


Rockwell's comparison is cool to see. I've always liked his stuff.


Yummy... Just like Corn-Dogs, Cotton Candy and VOMIT !

Maybe an after-taste of Grease-Paint and SHAME !



( that's an instant heave, RIGHT there... )

Yes, yes...

Alright, Peter... " The Bird is STILL the Word ".

" HEY, Let's Go FISHING !!! "

" HEY, Let's NOT !!! "

Rorschach's Journal: Rookie McGruff is too green. Lent him trenchcoat. Hope he takes hint.

Note: Call Columbo or Uncle Kolchak. Would be better trainers for him.

Zombies eat Brains, right? Then How in the heck do they DIGEST them?

Wait, that's not a Zombie... Or Is it?

GAaHaa... NoOoo !!! RUN !!!

- - - Some Cool "Tom Whalen" Stuff - - -

I have no idea what the titles are.

"Tom Whalen" really does VERY cool works. He's ALL over the board, literally. I like it !

What in the... ???

- - - Uh-Oh... NO-NO, NOT THIS !!! I'm HEAVING ! - - -

His "Bachman" books and others do still hold up for night-time reading.

That "IT" Re-Make came out awhile back. Well, "Part 1". Part 2 is next year.

I put... I mean, I "SAW" some balloons at various storm drains around town back then.

" Oh, they float... and YOU'LL FLOAT, TOO !!! "

. . . . .

They Re-Make alotta stuff. Some work, some don't.

Hey, that old "Running Man" movie was NOTHING like his book. Re-Make THAT to film instead !

And NO; Do Not do a Re-Make of "CUJO" !!!

Anybody could do that in their backyard for $50. $30 or less would go for the dead PINTO !

. . . . .

a what? no, not the bean. it's the car like in cujo. japanese? no, the dog... oh, boy...

- - - Ladies and Gentlemen ... " Mr. Karl Childers " - - -

- - - Showing at the National Drive-In, Village Theater and Northgate Cinema ONLY - - -

- - - Also Showing - - -

. . . . .

- - - Showing at the National Drive-In, Villiage Theater and Northgate Cinema ONLY - - -

That's a little bleak, "Einstein". Geesh, Did he really say that? Gotta look up tha... SQUIRREL !!!

Nikola Tesla : A Most Under-Rated Genius and Philanthropist.

... I wonder what he would really think of those recent cars named after him.

See? Just Basic HTML, Simple Imagery and Dry Humor. You got it!

If you didn't or don't understand something here, just ask a relative.



HEY, Chill Out. I told ya this Cornball Page was JUST for Simple Stuff and Lame Junk !

" Uhm, 'scuse me... Der? I likes cornballs. Got muh banjie. Er ah, Yew goin' ta Aintry? "

. . . Nope. ...Hey, you dropped your ID.

. . . Nope. That's the real deal, dude. Always Keep Your ID in Your Pocket.

. .

- - - Coming Sometime ... A Fan-Page for my cousin Keith - - -

( just a few things on his "top 10 list" for now )

- - - Always Respecting Those Who Respect Others - - -

My cousin Keith is one month older than me. He kicks butt and is his biggest fan! HE ROCKS !!!

. . .

The Hypno-Toad image above is brand new "Scratch-N-Sniff" internet imaging technology.

It's also, "Scratch-N-Lick"!!! You KNOW you wanna Try it!

Go on... no pressure. No, not the cursor. GO AHEAD... try it.

If you smelled or tasted " burning tires ", then:

a.) It's working.

b.) It's your breath.

c.) You should wipe.

d.) All of Above.

We bolted. His macgyvered prank had something to do with canned catfood, tapioca pudding and M-80's.

O'Neill was not pleased. These two have been pranking each other for years. He'll get his revenge.

The Culprit Remains At Large.

Midi sound files were kinda fun long ago. They really sound SO AWFUL today !!!

Here's a midi sound file of the Dead Like Me Title Theme. Size = 18.7kb

- - - MORE TO COME, eventually - STAY TUNED - HAVE A GOOD ONE, Cool ? - - -

It is said that somewhere out there you have an identical twin. What's that mean?

This snarky dude is my beardless evil twin. He'll claim I'm HIS evil twin, but he lies.

Did you look up no-see-ums ? aka: Culicoides Nymph or Biting Midge. They'll get ya!

STELIO IS EVERYWHERE !!! ( and for hire ! )