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Stuff for Hosma which are too long to post.

Hosma is a pretty cool dude that knows tons about web-design, rockin' tunes, this neocities thang and yup... "A Helluva-Lot More"! HE ROCKS !!!

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Above may be a spot for images. The ones above are simply for grins.

If ya want any of them gone, just say so. No prob.

I may speak through imagery & text at times to avoid miscommunication.

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The Stuff "too long to post" will be HERE, ya catch?

I may have certain questions for you. Am sure you get it.

For example, like this; "Where Are You, dude?" ... Follow? Like that, yeah?

I'm open to any questions you may have for me. And "NO" I'm NOT prying, ya goof!

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Above are Hosma's original buttons on his page.

Above are "remix" ones I made for the hell of it.

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If you need any sort of specific imagery big or small, just ask. Fun hobby. No prob.

Just Write When Ya Get The Time. It's All Good.