Really Basic HTML Page with Simple-Tooled Imagery and Very Lame Quips for Grins.

Trying to update this when I get time, ya follow?

yeah, i know... some are missing.

Jan. 15, 2018 - A Year On Neocities : "Thanks For The Freebie Web-Page"

No, there isn't really a story about that. This is just a hobby. Nothing to sell here.

I made this for Fam and Friends, but I don't mind Cool Neo-Folks chiming in. You Rock !!!

( Warning: Get your puke bucket ready before clicking below. )

Will add more junk to the Above Page for grins.


"I didn't get a HARUMPH outta that guy."

"About" me... ???

I'm just a regular guy, ya know? An 'old samaritan' from the midwest. I'm broke just like everybody is !!!

Yeah, I'm straight but not a hater... unless somebody is all militant or overly defensive about their lifestyle.

Oh, Whatever.

As you can tell, I didn't make this thing to show off my 'web-design' prowess. It's simple, goofy and I like it.

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* June 8, 2018

Geesh... "miss a week; miss a lot". Who said that? Ah... Nobody.

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Well, "What's Up?"

If you have ANY questions or comments, just say so HERE. Cool?

= = = Old Stuff - Added Here - Just For Grins = = =

( ya follow? )

CLICK HERE for a few vehicles I like. A question from Joppie.

CLICK HERE for some stuff I am/was messing with for Hosma.

CLICK HERE for some stuff I am/was messing with for Owlman.

CLICK HERE for some stuff I am/was messing with for Arkm's World.

CLICK HERE for some stuff I am/was messing with for Web-Site-Ring.

Yeah, I'll add stuff above and for any other cool neofolks via request. No prob.

Click above to browse really cool web pages on neocities dot org. They're WAY better at web design than me !!!

Some are entertaining, interesting and/or can be VERY informative. While others may be just... well, "out there".

Alotta these folks should be getting paid for their works. They do seem like pretty cool people with good futures.

If you have questions about neocities, there are folks with better answers than me. Just ask around.

There are no stupid questions.

Have A Good One Folks !!!

You May Take ANY Of My Images From ANY Of My Pages !!!